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Gateway To Halachah: Rosh Hashnah-Yom Kippur-Sukkot


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Gateway to Halachah  represents another step forward in the dissemination of Halachah for the Sephardic community. Written in clear concise English, Gateway to Halachah is replete with laws and customs unique to the Sephardim in general and the Syrian community in particular. Short overviews before each topic and very extensive footnotes for further research makes this a complete, well-rounded guide for Sephardim and a work of superior scholarship which should be of interest to Ashkenazim as well. Endorsed by leading Halachic authorities, It is sure to enhance the proper observance of the Holidays.

Author:Rabbi Shmuel Choueka & Rabbi Eliezer Toledano
Condition Rating:Good
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