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Opening it's doors February 22, 1949, and entering the used book market in 1983 with just a few used books for sale, Frankel's Judaica slowly grew to became the largest supplier for Jewish libraries and schools throughout New York area for out of print and used books. People knew Frankel's Jewish bookstore as the best place in New York to find the lowest prices on used Jewish books, judaica, and hard-to-find Jewish books that have gone out of print.

In 2008, we started Jewishusedbooks.com, and are now selling around the world. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota we now have a 3,000+ SQF warehouse with over 20,000 books at any time. Plus we started buying new judaica, making us able to offer a wide variety of Jewish books, Jewish items, and Jewish antiques at huge savings.We are now known as the #1 Jewish Used Book Seller around the Country if not the world. We aim to help you, our customer, find exactly what you want and involve you in the process by allowing you to sell your Jewish books and Judaica through jewishusedbooks.com. Jewish Used Books is proud to offer you the best prices, best selection, and best service on all of our unique products. If you have any questions please call 773-510-4647 and we will be happy to help you. If you have been pleased with our service, we would love to hear from you. Please see our  Contact Us page for more information.-

We provide all types of hacking services.
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