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Attah, v'HaLevy, v'HaGeir: Lessons from the Weekly Torah Portion


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Attah, v’HaLevy, v’HaGeir is an eclectic compilation of divrei Torah based on the parashat hashavuah. Over an eighteen year period, on a weekly basis, Menashe Frank recorded at least one interesting, provocative or inspirational d’var Torah that he heard or read.  Contributors range from close personal friends to the greatest Torah scholars in history.  His handwritten notes eventually filled an entire three-ring binder.  On the occasion of his son becoming a Bar Mitzvah, Frank, applying his unique life-perspective and the guidance of his Rabbi, has assembled, edited and presented his notes in this sefer, making them easily accessible for those seeking condensed yet powerful insights into each weekly Torah portion.

Author:Menashe R. Frank
Condition Rating:Very Good
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