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Living Tefillah: A Journey into the Heart of Prayer


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Why do so many people have difficulty finding excitement in their daily prayers? Prayer is an expression of a relationship with our Creator that is built on foundations. When these foundations are in place, prayer will naturally flow. However, if they are lacking, even if a person understands every word of the tefillah, daily prayer will tend to be like a foreign implant in his busy life. 

Living Tefillah was designed to help its readers discover how our everyday life contains a goldmine of opportunities that can help us to develop and nurture an intimate relationship with our Creator, which will awaken new life within our prayers.

The book also addresses fundamental questions which can potentially make it challenging to give tefillah the respect that it deserves. Some of these questions include:   


  • How can we expect to stay excited about our prayers when we often don’t see a direct relationship between what we pray for and what we receive? We often seem to get things that we didn’t pray for, we don’t always get what we do pray for, and we see that people who don’t pray at all also seem to find great success in their lives. 
  • Does tefillah really help? After all, if one deserves something, surely Hashem will give it to him, and if he doesn’t deserve it, why would simply asking Hashem make a difference?
  • Since the Torah expects us to trust Hashem that everything that He does is for the best, how at the same time are we expected to pray to Him to change what He is going to do? 

The goal of this book is to help us grasp the deeper message which is veiled behind our daily prayer, and to bring our lives to a state in which tefillah is enthusiastically embraced as the priceless gift that it’s meant to be. 

Each chapter focuses on enhancing a specific aspect of our relationship with Hashem, which will naturally inspire a new breath of life within our tefillah, as well as a new spirit of happiness within our lives. The book also includes supplementary discussions at the end of each chapter which provide practical advice to assist readers in incorporating the book’s teachings into their everyday life.

Author:Rabbi Mendel Weiss
Publication Status:Recently Published
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