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Yad L'Yoledes: The Halachos of Pregnancy & Childbirth


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The observant jewish mother and father experience these feelings in an especially profound way. They are eager to fulfill the Biblical command to be fruitful and multiply, and concened to start the life of a child in an auspicious manner leading to a lifetime of Torah observance and mitzvos. Amid all the excitement they are surprised by the innumerable questions arising for the first time in their lives. Some of these relate directly to the birth of a child Can I drive to the hospital just before the end of Shabbos if the baby will be born after Shabbos? Is induction of labor sanctioned by halachah? Can we name our son before his bris, if the bris will be delayed for a long time? The obstetrician suggests performing amniocentesis to check for birth defects, does halachah sanction this? Other questions arise incidentally May a non-jew take me in the hospital elevator on Rosh Hashanah in order to hear shofar? Can I make kiddush even if I can only drink a small quantity of wine or grape juice? Can I daven while I have a catheter attached? The Halachos of Pregnancy and Childbirth is not just a book for the layman and woman, but also for the rabbi and the scholar. The erudition of its distinguished author is evident throughout the hundreds of detailed explanatory notes. Thein depth presentations of major halachic questions in the kovetz habiurim at the end of the book are halachic masterpieces, and have earned the enthusiastic approbations of great Poskim in the U.S. and in Eretz Yisroel. Seldom has a new work dealt so comprehensively with such a complex topic, His total command of these halachos and exceptionally clear and comprehensible presentation have earned him a large and enthusiastic following.

Author:Rabbi Yisroel Dov Webster
Publication Status:Out of print, Hard to Find!
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