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Mother in Progress


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 Sibling rivalry. Bedtime battles. Like it or not, these are the things that consume our daily lives as mothers. We wish for that burst of energy that will fuel us for another day. We hope to gain the wisdom we need to handle the relentless parenting challenges. We long for a fool-proof formula that will show us how to juggle the overwhelming stream of demands.. Mother in Progress offers insights and solutions from well-known author and therapist Tzippora Price. It’s filled with thought-provoking questions and heartfelt answers to the dilemmas we face. Through its poignant perceptions and flashes of truthful humor, we learn how to reach out to our children, share our inner lives with them, and achieve our full parenting potential. The author’s tips on how to avoid burnout, nurture our children’s spiritual development, and transform ourselves into better human beings will provide every Jewish mother in progress with the tools she needs to raise her children in today’s confusing world.

Author:Tzippora Price, M.Sc.
Condition Rating:Very Good
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