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I Submit: Thoughts on Hashem, Israel and family


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Thoughts on Hashem, Israel, and family...


�Rabbi David Stavsky is absolutely unique among darshonim today. As few others, he is able to illumine contemporary reality with its irrepressible challenges to us as Jews and humans with the light of Torah, whose intruding agelessness is powerfully and inimitably demonstrated with his hand and glistens with sure and consistent brilliance in the remarkable message he brings to his people.

Particularly noteworthy is the altogether creative total holiday theme format he very nearly invented all by himself, perfected to a high art. Picking an event or subject that has emerged large in the year past, he constructs about it an incredibly discreet and encompassing cycle of sermons stretching over the entire holiday. He brings to bear a splendid and altogether unusual melding, wide erudition and down-to-earth savvy, which gives uncommon directness and force to whatever he says and which has long been the genuine admiration of colleague and peer.�

Rabbi Zevulon Charlop, Dean, Rabbi Isaac Elchanon Theological Seminary, Yeshiva University

�Rabbi David Stavsky is a prolific writer. His books are acclaimed by rabbis and laymen. His sermons are read, studied and appreciated because of content, quality, pertinence, inspiration and meaningfulness. He speaks with love, concern and hope for his congregation, the people and the State of Israel, for the glory of G-d and Torah. His message is drawn from Biblical and Talmudic sources, interpreted and articulated with clarity, eloquence and heartiness.�

Rabbi Philip Harris Singer, Congregation B�nai Isaac, Brooklyn, New York

�Your volume presents the searching Jew the opportunity to enter the world of Torah erudition within the context of contemporary life. Your style and approach allows the reader to internalize the message of Torah and apply its relevance into the society in which we live.�

Rabbi Raphael B. Butler, Executive Vice President, Orthodox Union


�Rabbi Stavsky�s sermons are characterized by wisdom, intelligence, sensitivity and vast erudition in both the religious and secular domains. They have the ability to relate the seemingly mundane and trivial aspects of life to the great continuing revelation of G-d, turning it and turning it again, �for everything is in it.� Rabbi Stavsky�s teachings, religion, ethics, morality and civil obligations blend into an indissoluble unity. While his words often emerge as �piercing arrows� that tend to admonish, edify and disturb, they also generate comfort and solace, stressing the pride and joy of being a Jew.�

Dr. Reuben Ahroni, Professor of Hebrew and Biblical Studies The Ohio State University

�Our dear Rabbi Stavsky, in his inimitable style, has done it again! He has seized contemporary topics: �Read My Lips,� �TWA Flight 800,� �The Trial of O.J. Simpson,� etc., and brilliantly constructed sermons, relating these to Israel, to Hashem, and to us, his fortunate congregants in Columbus, Ohio. How wonderful that now these valuable and compelling insights are available to a wider audience!�

Frederick M. Kapetansky, M.D., Professor of Ophthalmology The Ohio State University


Rabbi David Stavsky has held the pulpit of the Beth Jacob Congregation in Columbus, Ohio for four decades. The range of his influence on local Orthodoxy as well as on the national Judaic scene can be seen in this excerpt from the National Rabbinic Leadership Award presented to him by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations: �His personal qualities have enriched countless Jewish lives and have motivated numerous young people to rediscover their roots. Personifying devotion to Torah, courageous leadership ... a source of strength and inspiration to the Rabbinate and the American Jewish community.� His innovative and often emulated synagogue programs have received national attention and recognition.

Rabbi Stavsky has also achieved renown through his numerous books and articles which have appeared in scholarly journals and the anglo-Jewish press.

Rabbi Stavsky�s credentials include a B.A., Psychology, Yeshiva University; Rabbinical Ordination (S�micha), Rabbi Isaac Elchanon Theological Seminary; U.S. Army Chaplain; M.A., Psychology, The Ohio State University.

�Rabbi David Stavsky is absolutely unique among darshonim today. As few others, he is able to illumine contemporary reality with its irrepressible challenges to us as Jews and humans with the light of Torah

Author:Rabbi David Stavsky, Beth Jacob Pub., 1997
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