Tefillin: The Inside Story


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Tefillin - have you ever wondered about the significance of these small black boxes? Why women don't wear them? Why they are worn at all? From renowned educator Rabbi Moshe Shlomo Emanuel, winner of the Creative Teaching Award from the London-based Institute of Jewish Education, comes an insightful exploration of the mystery and symbolism of this important mitzvah. Fascinating and profound, Tefillin: The Inside Story shows how every aspect of the mitzvah connects us to spiritual worlds and links us to God and the destiny of the Jewish people. Essential for anyone who wants to understand the meaning behind this beautiful mitzvah.

A fascinating and insightful look at the laws of donning phylacteries, tefillin, that symbolize Jewish closeness to G-d.

Author:Rabbi Moshe Shlomo Emanuel, Targum Press, 1995
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