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Dear Daughter


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Rabbi Eliyohu Goldschmidt was a prominent yeshivah educator and a master of human nature, especially with regard to how it effects marriage, child rearing and home life. In this wise, loving, and provocative book, the author shares his years of experience, counsel, and Torah-saturated outlook with his "Dear Daughter," and he invites every other dear daughter to read over her shoulder. He does it superbly. The author's palette is piled high with colorful and insightful anecdotes, and he uses them like an artist to illustrate his points. Many a marriage, many a child, many a family, and many a friendship will be enriched and made happier thanks to this book.


A father's wise guidance for wholesome human relationship, a happy marriage, and a serene home

Author:Rabbi Eliyohu Goldschmidt, Artscroll, 1999
Publication Status:Best Seller!
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