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The Midrash Says on the Weekly Haftoros Volume 3


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This series an an original and unique attempt at familiarizing the English-speaking Jewish public with the meaning of the Haftarot.

The verses from the prophets are not literally translated. Rather, they were adapted according to the rendition of the cording to the rendition of the classical commentators, so as to be meaningful to the reader.

Midrashim and stories serve to highlight the ideas expressed in the verses.

The text is perfectly lucid even for those not familiar with Hebrew.

It is hoped that the reader will gain an appreciation of the beauty and profundity of the Haftarot, and that educators as well as laymen will be motivated to delve further into this hitherto neglected subject so that it will become familiar to all.

Author:Rabbi Moshe Weissman
Condition Rating:Very Good
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