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Wordwatch: A Shemiras HaLashon Lesson- A- Day for Teens


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Quick: Name the 7 conditions that allow you to say lashon hara about another person… Can't do that? Alright, how about the 5 conditions for telling rechilus l'toeles… Still clueless? Okay, don't panic: What are the 3 types of harm lashon hara can cause a fellow Jew? If you're completely stumped (or even if you're just a little stumped), you've come to the right book. Complete with daily halachos, inspirational thoughts, tips (practical tips -- not the money kind!), and even a day-by-day novel, Wordwatch will help you, your mouth, and your ears in so many ways. Amaze your family, surprise your friends, and have fun in the process. In just a few minutes a day, you'll become the expert Wordwatcher. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab a friend, and start learning!

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Author:Aliza Goldin & Sari Margolis
Condition Rating:Good
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