Depth Of Judgment


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The great thinkers and exponents of the Mussar Movement were incisive and uncompromising in their demands on themselves and their personal definitions and analyses have become the standard by which thoughtful and aspiring Jews measure themselves.


Not only that With the classic teachings of the Scriptures and the Sages as their backdrop, they looked at the world & the real & world and real people and applied eternal teachings to everyday existence.


This book collects their thoughts on the subject that engaged their best efforts. The depth of judgment both Frightened and inspired them. They were intensely aware that the Creator had great expectations of man. For all his human frailties, man is capable of rising to unexpected heights. Arid because he can, he must In the worldview of the masters of Mussar, man traverses his world poised on a tightrope. A misstep can cost him dearly, but if he maintains his balance, he attains a barely imaginable zenith.


Judgment, as it is discussed in this brilliant collection, represents the Divine evaluation of mans efforts and achievements. The compiler draws together the ideas of dozens of legendary thinkers and teachers of recent generations. Some of them are world famous. Others were well-known only in the rarefied sphere of their peers and disciples. A]! shared a single-minded dedication to the service of G-d and the perfection of man.


Depth of Jud8ment has been anthologized by Rabbi Shalom Meir Wallach, himself a profound student of Mussar and the author of several highly regarded books on the subject. This new work is a valuable addition to the literature of self-improvement. It is appropriate for seasons of spiritual exaltation and for whenever a Jew seeks to come closer to his real sell.

A guide to self-improvement from the great thinkers of Judaism.

Author:Rabbi Shalom Meir Wallach
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