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B'Gan HaShalom: Madrich L'Shalom Bayit L'Gevarim Bilvad


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Take a stroll through a delightful and refreshing garden, where tranquil thoughts, soothing words, and brilliant insights abound. This eye-opening book, written for men only, is the first of its kind. Direct, honest, down-to-earth, and practical, it describes the true path to peace between a husband and wife. The author intended this book for husbands only. The book with the title "Women's Widsom" is meant only for wives, thereby speaking to each spouse individually and tailoring his words appropriately. There is no talking-down, no self-righteousness, and no ambiguity in these pages. Instead, the shining light of truth mingles with the sparkling call of hope, making the reading of this book a life-changing experience.

Author:Rabbi Shalom Arush
Condition Rating:Good
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