Defining humanity: Volume 1 Bereishis


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"This sefer could be of great benefit for those who delve into it."
--R. Henach Leibowitz

"Rabbi Ganz has illuminated new depths of thought that will enrich seeking minds and deepen their understanding and appreciation of Torah values."
--R. Yaakov Perlow

"I have seen a copy of the book written by Rabbi Berish Ganz, shlita, and I am very impressed by its style and content. This book is a true example of the analytical approach of the baalei mussarof old."
--R. Mattisyahu Solomon

"A striking Torah work has been brought to my attention... R. Ganz's work is a brilliant and penetrating exposition of Slobodka mussar."
--R. Nachman Bulman

"Rabbi Ganz's elucidation of Torah provides concepts for proper living in our turbulent times."
--R. Abraham J. Twerski, M.D.

"In a time that much shallowness infects the Jewish world... it is refreshing to see a work such as yours which combines depth of analysis, clarity of thought and faithfulness to the Torah text in its pages."
--R. Berel Wein

Exploring Torah insights into man and morality

Author:Dov Berish Ganz
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