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The Silent Psalms of Our Son


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The Silent Psalms of Our Son is an inspirational collection of writings about a magical little boy, who ascended to the heavens after only four years in this world. Noah Raphael Jarashow had lived with the genetic disease Tay-Sachs, a condition for which there is no cure. But during his brief, but powerful life in this world, the spiritual light that radiated from Noah shined, and uplifted all who beheld his presence.

Noah could not hear, see or speak, but he became a beacon of light for his parents--inspiring them with his "silent teachings." As the author, Noah's father Jonathan, writes: "Noah's inspiration guides my hand as I write, making this his discourse, and his gift to all. I am his proud and willing scribe, as he leads me to understand who he is, and why he is here. Only through his clear, blue, luminous eyes can I understand and accept life. Though I cannot be as eloquent as my dear Noah, who in his holy silence speaks volumes to our hearts, I bring you his teachings. "

"Silent Psalms" will enlighten readers with messages of love, faith, joy, and hope. For example, Jonathan’s turns to the Book of Psalms to understand and truly and appreciate his son's special nature. In Psalm 1, Jonathan finds a message which applies to Noah, and to anyone who lives with physical limitations:

Author:Jonathan Jarashow
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