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The Parenting Puzzle


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Product Description
This non-prescriptive guide to parenting focuses as much on the emotional well-being of the parent as on the needs of the child. "The Parenting Puzzle" is based on the Nurturing Programme, a well-established and highly respected ten-week course that encourages parents and carers to enjoy bringing up children and get the best out of family life. It helps us understand how emotions influence our actions,and offers many positive, practical ways of guiding children so they learn to handle both their feelings and their behaviour. It suggests ways of helping us feel good - boosting self-esteem in ourselves and in our children. In a clear, direct and sympathetic style, using cartoons, practical activities and feedback, the book is designed to reflect the powerful experience of being in a parenting group. It can be used alone, in the family, or in a self-formed group. It should also be a valuable resource for professionals working with children or supporting families - teachers, health visitors and more. New concepts and skills build on each other. They weave together the parenting skills and qualities of healthy self-esteem, self-awareness, communication and relationship skills, positive discipline, empathy and understanding children's needs according to their age. The book also emphasizes the importance of parents looking after themselves. From the early years to adolescence and beyond "The Parenting Puzzle" is a toolbox to rely on and refer to at any time.

Author:Ramon & Susan Lewis
Publication Status:Out of Print
Condition Rating:Good
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