Israel's Southern Landscapes: Your Guide to Eilat and the Negev


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Israel's Southern Landscapes is the first comprehensive, English language travel guide devoted entirely to the Negev, Israel's extraordinary southern region. There are over 300 pages describing of all of the major and lesser-known sites along the Western Negev (along the Mediterranean coast), the Northern Negev (Beer Sheba and environs), the Negev Highlands, the Arava (from the Dead Sea, with it spas and mineral baths, south to Eilat), and Eilat, the Red Sea port city with its luxury hotels, underwater observatory, and world-renowned coral reefs. The book contains over 50 magnificent photographs, most in full color, as well as a large-scale color map of the region in a separate, zippered pouch.

Israel's Southern Landscapes presents detailed information on each tour and site, and relates them to their Biblical and historical references and importance. Special features include: a dictionary and a glossary, a guide to youth hostels and field schools in the region, and an index to hiking tours. Based on articles written by Aviva Bar-Am (a native of Minneapolis) as travel correspondent for the Jerusalem Post, Israel's only English language daily newspaper, and on the expertise of long time tour guide and historian, Chicago-born Yisrael Shalem, Israel's Southern Landscapes makes an attractive and valuable gift for anyone with an interest in Israel, and is a "hip-pocket", backpack, and glove compartment essential for anyone planning a visit to Israel and the Holy Land!

Author:Aviva Bar-Am & Yisrael Shalem
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