The Eternal Heritage: Genesis 2


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THE ETERNAL HERITAGE brings to the English-speaking public a plethora of commentaries on the Torah which, for the most part, have thus far been available only in Hebrew. THE ETERNAL HERITAGE takes the reader � yeshiva student, business person, or housewife � through the portions of the Torah with selections from the finest classic and contemporary traditional commentators: The range of thought is extensive. Pieces include approaches to problems presented by the Torah text, explanations of difficulties in Rashi, integration of Talmudic and Midrashic sources, stories of Chassiduth, and more: Throughout, the reader will be impressed by the dynamic thinkers who dedicated their lives to expounding the Torah. THE ETERNAL HERITAGE is not a stilted or word-for-word translation. It is rendered in a comprehensible style that is faithful to� the original texts. Genesis, Vol. II, spans the second half Genesis, from VaYetzei through VaYechi. THE ETERNAL HERITAGE will become an indispensable tool, for English-speaking men, women, and adolescents who wish to acquire a better understanding of the book that binds together the Jewish people, the Torah.
A Lucid translations of classic and contemporary
traditional sources on the torah.

Author:Avraham m. Goldstein
Publication Status:Long Out of print, Very Hard to Find!
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