Visions Of Freedom (Haggadah)


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Throughout the generations stories have been used to educate as well as entertain. Rabbi Yosef Weiss, renowned author of the Visions of Greatness Series, combines his talent for storytelling with his vocation as a mechanech and educator, to present the English-reading public with this new and very special Haggadah. On Pesach night, Jewish people all over the world read the ancient text of the Haggadah as they conduct the seder. However, many different parts of the Haggadah seem unrelated. Rabbi Weiss, using stories and parables, suggest a unifying theme that helps clarify the unique order or the seder night. Visions of Freedom is a special Haggadah that will surely inspire young and old alike. It is a Haggadah that the entire family can share and enjoy.
A collection of inspirational stories and parables from the author of the Best Selling series, "Visions Of Greatness" with stories and insights into the passover Haggadah.

Author:Rabbi Yosef weiss
Publication Status:Best Seller!
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