How Long The Night? (This is an AS-IS book!)


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She was a lovely young bride, a popular teacher, an articulate achiever. Then suddenly everything went wrong. Infertility and the specter of childlessness. Repeated miscariages. The indignities of medical tests and treatments. Premature birth. Chronic illness. Night had descended upon Mindy Gross. Now, she would embark on a frightening and ultimately triumphant journey from darkness to brilliant light. How Long the Night?, a chronicle of Mindy Gross's struggle with interfility and illness, offers fascinating insights into the worlds of conventional and alternative medicine. More, it brings into stunningly clear focus the traditional Jewish view towards life's trials and difficulties. How Long the Night? is not a cry of pain, but a story of triumph over suffering. It is an affirmation of courage and faith, told with warmth, honesty, and unflagging humor. It is not a handbook for the chronically ill or the childless, it is a compelling story that will ofer inspiration and guidance to all of us, no matter what challenges and disappointments we face in our lives. Its lesson, and its message, is universal.

Author:Mindy Gross
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