Boy Oh Boy!


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Everything you always wanted to know about raising your son! Shalom zachor and vachtnacht...getting rid of newborn jaundice...garlic, and sugar cubes...cutting those curls...tzitzis, tips for moms�raising your son to Torah and kedushah�going to shul with Tatty�or not?...the Shabbos table, getting white shirts whiter�mind the (education) gap, Tehillim groups and carnivals, boys at play�and, of course, the bar mitzvah. Laugh along with �Footprints on the Wall� from the mouths of boys, sprinkled throughout. It�s the world of boys as seen by someone who�s never been one: Mom. Fun. Upbeat. And sooo interesting.
A Mother's guide to the Wonderful World of Boys

Author:Beily Paluch
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