From My Father's Table - Stories of warmth and inspiration.


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Richly imbued with Torah and holiness of Shabbos, stories that were told at my father's table were not mere words. They were sweet delicacies, such as have been served to Jewish children at countless Shabbos tables throughout the generations." In this warm and sentimental volume, S. M. Tenenbaum remembers the Shabbos table and stories that gave it so much flavor and spirit. Her memories will become our memories; her inspiration our inspiration; her world, our world. These stories are not meant to be history, they never were. They are expressions of a mood, a picture of Jewish life that is timeless and beautiful and elevating. The author's father painted word pictures that she captures, colors, and frames, and then presents to us to read, savor, enjoy, and cherish in our hearts and minds. There is a touching Yiddish folk song that urges us to save a traditional old fur hat and the way of life it symbolizes, and say, "This is how the ehrlicher Yid used to look." That is what this precious book does for us. It lets us put away memories of an ehrlicher Yid, and pull them out whenever life seems sterile and discouraging. S. M. Tenebaum's father's stories will become our stories, the stories we tell our children (and read for our own personal pleasure). by S. M. Tenenbaum
Tenenbaum remembers that Shabbos table and the stories that gave it so much flavor and spirit. Her memories will become our memories

Author:S. M. Tenenbaum
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