A Touch Of Wisdom A Touch Of Wit


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Name the topic there are surely enlightening gems of- Jewish wisdom, anecdotes from the lives of our famous and -little known people, and wit from our scholars and leaders. This book is filled with such gems hundreds of them sorted according to nearly thirty categories. They will deflate the haughty and inspire the lowly, direct the seeker, feed the hungry mind, and provide diversion to those for whom everyday pursuits have become a drudgery. Compiled and adapted by Shmuel Himelstein, this book will make any reader feel that it was written just for him. In a sense it was, because it has an appropriate story or thought for almost any conceivable situation. Pick it up to read. Search through it for a story to dress up a speech or an important conversation. Use it to spice a lesson. Read it aloud at a festival table to spark a discussion. Have your children pore through it to enrich a presentation at school. However you use It, this is a book you'll treasure and come back to over and over again.--- Shmuel Himelstein Is an American writer and scholar living in Israel whose writings and translations have earned him a welcome niche in tens of thousands of English-speaking homes. With A Touch of Wisdom, A Touch of Wit he opens a new wellspring of service to the Jewish world.
Anecdotes, comments and observations sorted according to almost thirty categories. You'll enjoy and refer to this book over and over again.

Author:Shmuel Himelstein
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