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What does a master psychotherapist have in common with a raconteur? Each depends heavily upon his ear for detail, his ability to listen carefully. The therapist listens to under- stand and analyze. The raconteur listens to be able to retell the story. In AISHEL: Stories of Contemporary Jewish Hospitality. Dr. Meir Wilder has turned his ear for detail to the art of story- telling. In an effort to encourage others to become more actively involved in practicing hachnasas orchim (Jewish hospitality), Dr. Wilder has collected fourteen true stories � heartwarming, humorous and inspiring accounts of ordinary people who have extraordinary experiences by inviting guests to their home. An introductory chapter cataloging the rewards and benefits which prospective hosts can look forward to, rounds out this remarkable collection of moving stories.

Stories of contemporary Jewish hospitality

Author:Meir Wikler
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