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The Five Megilloth, despite their small size and their comparative incon- spaciousness among the Hagiographa, the third section of the Scriptures, have gained wide popularity because of their prominent place in Jewish liturgy. The Book of Esther, despite its having been heard time and time again, excites the imagination of every Jew who hears it read on Purim. In the words of our Sages: Since it is dear to them, they pay attention [to the reading]. The midrashic approach to this Book reveals the inner secrets of the fast-moving narrative and illustrates how the authors alluded to all of them in this innocent appearing drama. This revised and expanded edition of Megillath Esther reflects the traditional approach as represented by the Rabbis and the Jewish exegetes from the Middle Ages to Modern Times.
The Five Megilloth, despite their small size and their comparative...

Author:A.J. Rosenberg
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