Survival And Beyond


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NO DUST JACKET In this engaging collection of articles Rabbi Avigdor looks in detail at Jewish holidays and life during and after the Holocaust. Read his essays on Yom Kippur or Tisha Bay and you'll suddenly understand these holidays like, never before. In each essay he manages to inform and celebrate the exquisite joys of each and every holdiay. The description of his five years living as a Jew in Europe during the Holocaust are told to us by a man, who, despite tortures and enslavement has not lost his faith, but emerged from near death to rise again to a renewed and vigorous new life as a Jew of profound faith in America. Rabbi Avigdor brings a depth and wisdom toeverything he writes. It's a gift to read his book. On any topic he is both original and informative. This book is a remarkable achievement.
Inspiring thoughts about Jewish festivals and life during and after the holocaust from a rabbi, columnist and holocaust survivor.

Author:Isaac C. Avigdor
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