Of Parents And Penguins


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It is really a rather silly title; more eye-catching than substantive,more Madison Avenue hype than descriptive of a seriousanalysis of a very, very serious matter. So why use it I found myself asking this question as the booknears publication. What made me think, I wondered,that a catchy title would recommend my modest contribution more effectively than something more staid andproper like Chinuch HaBanim, or Educating Our Children I am, after all, writing for a public composed ofcommitted Jews, thoughtful people all, who want to dowhat is right, think what is right, read what is right, andto be serious about it. So why be flippant I decided to put my intuition to the test. I openedsome newspapers and magazines lying around my home,publications which are directed to the very same reader-ship which, 1 hope, will be interested in my little bookI scanned the advertisements and was shocked by thebanal hyperbole which flew at me from every side.Jewish books were lavishly illustrated, and liberallysprinkled.... Torah journals were a great gift idea housing in Torah enclaves conformed to the latestconcepts, and the builders were famous for their legendary commitment inspirational tapes dealt with virtually every aspect of Jewish life and seminaries
Reflections Concerning the Education of Our Children and Ourselves

Author:Moshe M. Eisemann
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