Ron's New World And Other Stories


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This is the first time that Coral Publications has produced a children's story book written in English, bringing a special message from the Holy Land in which most of the stories take place. Many of the plots of these tales are factual, derived from real-life drama, such as missionary activity, anti-semitic kidnapping and physical sickness, in which, heart-warming instances of faith, goodness and devotion are depicted. Other stories feature common human failings such as Margolit's jealousy of her friends' new schoolbags till she was caught in a storm, or Mr. Levinson's ready acceptance of slander till it was too late. The heroes are realistic people. Ron the Kibbutz-bred Sabra, Ephraim a heroic student in a dormitory, Grisha a new immigrant from Russia and Mr. Jackman a refugee from Nazi Germany. The simple yet profound contents of these stories are aimed at education as well as entertainment. May it be G-d's will that this goal be fulfilled.
This is the first time that Coral Publications has produced a youth story book written in English,

Author:R. Blum - Published In 1977
Publication Status:Hard to find!
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