Maamar Meshare Kitrin L'Rabbi Avraham Ben Eliezer HaLevi (Hebrew)


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In Hebrew...The work is preceded by a 34 page introductory essay, in Hebrew, by Gershom G. Scholem, revised and completed by Malachi Beit-Arie. There is also a one and a half page English language introduction. Limited, numbered, facsimile edition of 550 copies, on fine Swedish paper, of the 1510 Constantinopole edition. The noted kabbalist and master stylist of the kabbalistic literature, Avraham ben Eliezer HaLevi (called HaZaken) was born in Spain around 1460 and was expelled from there in 1492. He wandered eastwards, spent time in Italy, Greece, Turkey and Egypt, and settled in Jerusalem some time before 1517. His apocalyptic kabbalistic views stem from his personal experiences with the horrors of the Jews' expulsion from Spain. He believed that the messianic era would begin in 1524 and would culminate in 1530 with the appearance of the messiah. He sought proof of this in the Bible, the Talmud, and the kabbalistic literature. He wrote Ma'amar Meshare Qitrin (= The Untier of Knots) in 1508 while in Greece, and had it published in Constantinopole two years later. In one of his calls for penitence, he dealt in detail with Martin Luther, and he unwittingly helped prepare the way for the activities of the false messiah Solomon Mocho. The work is written in the apocalyptic style and contains Avraham ben Eliezer HaLevi's explanations of the messianic passages in the Book of Daniel
Maamar Meshare Kitrin L'Rabbi Avraham Ben Eliezer HaLevi, Constantinople 1510 (Hebrew)...

Author:Gershom G. Scholem, Malachi Beit-Arie, Jerusalem, 1977
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