The Metsudah Linear Passover Haggadah


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One of the most popular books on the shelves of the Jewish library is the Pesach Haggadah. How unusual that a book which is used only for a few hours each year should be so cherished and arouse so much interest. It is difficult to establish the exact numbers of editions of the Haggadah but it is estimated that at least 2000 different editions of the Pesach Haggadah have been produced during the last 500 years. The appearance of yet another Haggadah would scarcely merit any attention were it not the "first Haggadah" to be produced in the modern linear style which has become the hallmark of Metsudah Publications. This Haggadah is a guide that will lead you through the Seder. We have indicated and explained the correct procedures for the performance of the mitzvos, laws and customs contained in the Haggadah, in a way that makes them more meaningful and enhances their fulfillment on the Seder night. If this Haggadah brings a renewed measure of guidance, clarity and deeper understanding of the Seder, it will truly fulfill its purpose of magnifying and expanding the theme and keynote of the Seder: "Whoever amplifies the events of the exodus from Egypt deserves praise."

The famous Metsudah Linear translated Passover Haggadah.

Author:Rabbi Avrohom Davis
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