Yeshiva Darchei Torah: Series Vol. 2 (4 CASSETTES)


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#107 M’SORAH, M’sorah the thread that links us all the way back to Har Sinai and Kabalas Hatorah. There is only one way for the B’nei Yisroel to conduct themselves, and that is to follow in the path of their forefathers. M’sorah was is, and will always be our only guide in all matters. #116 THE TEST OF THE HOLOCAUST, They were tested by the Holocaust, and they passed the test. Under the most difficult of circumstances they did what is humanly impossible. Because they knew that without Torah and Mitzvos there is no life even in the best of times. But with Torah and Mitzvos there is life even in the worst of times. #124 FEAR HASHEM FRO THAT IS THE OBJECTIVE OF MAN What differentiates man from beast? “Yiras Shomayim”, fear of Hashem. Without fear of Hashem, even if we were to be as great as Aristotle, we would still be no better than animals. And with fear of Hashem man will be elevated to the highest level. #124 THE IMPORTANCE OF FAMILY Hashem created the family so that they Should be there for each other. Parents tend to their young children’s needs, and children tend to the needs of their elderly parents. Brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins, are all these to share with each other their Happy occasions, and to help carry the burden in times of sorrow.
#107 M’sorah,
M’sorah the thread that links us all the way back to Har Sinai and Kabalas...

Author:Rabbi Yakkov Bender
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