Just One Remarkable Story: The right story for now


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what is the recommended measure for how many stories a speaker should use in a presentation? The Talmud (Sotah 49a) tells of one of the greatest of sages, the Tana Rebbe Meir, Who was unique in his Artful way of telling parables. When he passed away, the art of using parables at his level went lost. We find is The Talmud in Sanhedrin 38B that his systematic leactures would consist of 1/3 Halacha 1/3 Agada and 1/3 Parables. A story can open ones eyes to see what you see and appreciate what you see Your facts can be brought to life with a story, a story plot can thread the facts together like a string of beads.
A book about the dynamics of the story. What venue to use a story in. The history and background of the story and a variety of different tales and the right place to use it, whether you are a speaker, teacher or parent. Fascinating book!

Author:Moshe Goldberger
Publication Status:Hard to find!
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