Perfecting Diamonds


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"What is going on with my son?" asked the visibly upset father. "He seems to be falling through the cracks ..." The Rosh Yeshivas heart went out to the father. "I am terribly sorry, but ... a yeshiva is like a bucket of water. When you move it from place to place, a few drops will inevitably be lost." "You're talking like that because you see it as a bucket of water," shot back the father. "You wouldn't talk like that if you saw it as a bucket full of diamonds!" Rabbi Dovid Kaplan views Klal Yisrael's children as more precious than diamonds. His insightful, conversational style and his uncanny ability to penetrate the human mind make Perfecting Diamonds a truly valuable gem for all parents and educators. His practical guide to chinuch, based on traditional Torah sources, absorbs and guides the reader while providing powerful lessons and memorable stories to integrate, implement and share with others.

Author:Dovid Kaplan


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