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The Mishnah: A New Integrated Translation and Commentary Zeraim 1


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The Mishnah: Zeraim 1 Berakhot,Pe'eh,Demai, Kilayim Shev'it
 A New Integrated Translation and Commentary  based on Rabbeinu Ovadyah M' Bartenurah
The Mishnah, by its very nature, is short, concise and to-the-point. This quality has enabled it to be studied, reviewed, internalized, even memorized, by both young and old, for generations.
* Clear, Concise and Brief - no need to spend hours on one Mishnah!
* Meet Shloshim or Yahrzeit Mishnah study deadlines with ease
* Commentary based on the R'av integrated right into the translation
* Edited by a team of scholars; many haskamos

Author:Translation by Rabbi Yoseph Milstein
Condition Rating:Very Good
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