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Parenting by the Parsha: Enduring Chinuch Insights for Today's Generation


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In order to raise children successfully, parents must identify which actions are really educational, which have nothing to do with chinuch, and which actually go against chinuch and produce undesirable results. Parenting by the Parashah, by Rabbi Ari Neuwirth, is brimming with timeless parenting guidance derived from our Torah to advise us during these perplexing times.

• How can we explain to our children why tefillah sometimes doesn’t bring desired results?
• What can we learn from the life of Moshe Rabbeinu to help prepare our children to become future leaders?
• What insights can the mahn give us in dealing with our children’s focus on materialism?

With an intriguing mix of commentaries and stories from our gedolim as well as contemporary examples, Rabbi Neuwirth presents insights on the parashah that will deepen and enrich our parenting.

Author:Rabbi Ari Neuwirth
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