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The Life of The People in Biblical Times


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The life of the biblical people would have been quite different had their God been, as the half savage Jephthah thought, merely the Israelitish counterpart of Chemosh. Their history might have run about the same course till the Exile. Their speech, their manners, their clothes, their appearance, their habits of daily life, would have been very nearly the same. But their attitude toward life would have been different and this attitude could not help having its direct and concrete expression. Yet in the following pages it is not the spirit that made them different, but the environment that made them like their neighbors, that will chiefly engage our attention. To depict a spirit is too large a task. Those who would understand this spirit can do so more immediately and more fully than by studying any book on manners and customs. They can read the Bible. But if we regard the Bible as an imperishable record of a literature and a civilization peculiarly interesting to us, we must make the effort to reconstruct the concrete shell of the past as well as its essential spiritual factors. Indeed, we shall be better able to apprehend the latter if we attempt to vivify the background so far as our imperfect information permits.

Author:Max Radin
Publication Status:Out of Print
Condition Rating:Very Good
Published Date:1929
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