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And From Jerusalem His Words: Stories and Insights of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman AuerbachZT"L


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The most celebrated biography of the beloved gadol ha-dor, Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Auerbach zt"l. Not always are biographers of rabbinic luminaries disciples and noted authors. Fortunate are we, that Rabbi Hanoch Teller marshals every aspect of his writing genius to portray a lucid and ever-inspiring tribute to his Rebbe, the contemporary Torah Giant whose vast Torah knowledge, humility, and love of chessed, inspired and affected Jews the world over. Best-selling author Joseph Telushkin commented, “Teller’s biography of Rabbi Auerbach is the most-important book for American Jewry to read.”

Author:Hanoch Teller
Publication Status:Classic
Condition Rating:Good
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