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Torah Studies


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In a paradigm of true leadership, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, HaRav Menachem M. Schneerson Z"tl, of sainted memory, embraced all issues of import to Jews Jewish life, and beyond, spurring a Jewish revival that continues to gain momentum even after his passing. Through his incisive and illuminating Torah expositions, the Rebbe inspired an aware- ness of an attainable higher reality and sparked an enthusiasm- for Torah study among scholars and laymen alike. The essays collected here are selected from the Rebbe�s inves- tigations of the weekly Torah portion. In these studies of our most sacred text, the Rebbe weaves together many centuries of traditional Jewish schoIarship focusing them through the prism of his intense Chassidic spirituality. Time and again the result is a fresh insight into the great themes of Jewish life, themes no less relevant today than in our long and distin- guished past. Torah Studies represents only a fragment of the vast body of the Rebbe�s teaching. His collected writings and diicourses. are gathered in more than 200 volumes and constitute an immense legacy to future generations. They include Torah exposition, Halachic analysis, Talmudic discourses, explor- ations of Jewish mysticism and letters of guidance to Jews throughout the world.


Author:Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, M.A. Ph.D., 2014, 2nd edition, 5750
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